Online Services

Exchange Online 


Microsoft® Exchange Online (Plan 1) is designed for organisations who want to get the benefits of cloud-based email without sacrificing the business-class capabilities that Exchange Server has provided for decades. Built on the same technology as Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft handles the ongoing maintenance, patches, and upgrades of the Exchange infrastructure while providing IT administrators the control and flexibility they require.

SharePoint Online 


Microsoft® SharePoint® Online (Plan 2) is a hosted collaboration solution that's based on Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 (although not all features of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 are available with SharePoint Online). It gives your business a highly secure, central location to assist your people to efficiently collaborate, find stored organisational resources, manage content and workflow, and gain the business insight they need to make better-informed decisions. Employees can create and manage project-based or team-based sites for collaboration and document sharing. It includes Enterprise features that build on the SharePoint Online platform via additional services.

Lync Online 


We monitor tape backup logs for previous run successes/failures, and report failures with appropriate action to be taken. We also check online backup configuration against user file storage locations and check quality of backup media, suggesting replacement media at appropriate intervals. Visit our disaster recovery plans page to learn more.

Office 365 


Office 365 provides businesses of all sizes with a greater choice in how to deploy the latest productivity software from Microsoft Online Services – on the desktop or online through the cloud.*


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